Humane League Animals

8th Grade students created portraits of animals to accompany their community project to support the Humane League. After learning about using art for advocacy, they used the math and grid method to measure and get accurate proportions in their work. They chose materials like watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, or acrylic paint to make their portraits. They also created posters on their computers to accompany their chosen pets, some of which were actual animals available for adoption!dogs




Summer Studio: Canvas Art


This was a fun, easy project to do with my First, Second, and Third grade Studio. I gave each of the students a canvas of their own to block off areas with the blue painters tape. We talked about how they would be creating geometric shapes on the canvas using the tape. I made sure they thought about how the placement would affect the outcome.  I had to remind them to run their fingers along the edges of the tape to be sure that the edges were sealed- although we still had a few that bled through. Overall they really enjoyed the project and they turned out great. The first layer of paint went on pretty thin, so I had them keep the tape on and the next day they went back a second time to add some more color and visual texture to the paint. Some painted stripes, swirls, stars, dots.

Village Vessels

This week the students created a vessel from self-hardening clay using the coil and/or slab method that represents their interpretation of the settings in which they live or dream of living in. Shape, texture, and architectural details were emphasized. After a brief slideshow, they were given worksheets that they could reference for architectural details, then spent some times working out their creations in their sketchbooks.

The vessels will be painted with tempera and sealed with glossy modge podge next week. They seemed to really enjoy working with the materials and each piece was very different. I very much enjoyed hearing their stories as to why they included certain things.

Materials: Self-hardening clay, various clay hand building tools, trays, paint, brushes, mod podge.

Time: 2 sessions