Grade 1

Summer Studio: Canvas Art


This was a fun, easy project to do with my First, Second, and Third grade Studio. I gave each of the students a canvas of their own to block off areas with the blue painters tape. We talked about how they would be creating geometric shapes on the canvas using the tape. I made sure they thought about how the placement would affect the outcome.  I had to remind them to run their fingers along the edges of the tape to be sure that the edges were sealed- although we still had a few that bled through. Overall they really enjoyed the project and they turned out great. The first layer of paint went on pretty thin, so I had them keep the tape on and the next day they went back a second time to add some more color and visual texture to the paint. Some painted stripes, swirls, stars, dots.


Joan Miro Doodles

IMG_3226What is a line? What is a shape? It’s surprising to see how confusing this can be for little ones. I came across this one-day lesson and adapted it for my first graders. I had so much fun teaching it and they absolutely loved it.

Grade level/Course: Grade  1

Big Idea:  How can the masters influence future artists?

Essential question: What is a line? What is a shape?

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