Clay Leaves

6th graders created these clay leaves to accompany their one point perspective watercolor landscapes. Happy to be sending these home with them before the holiday break. c0xtvypxcaawoqt


Wayne Thiebaud Cupcakes!

5th grade students were introduced to the art of Wayne Thiebaud this last month. We had a blast sketching then creating their very own cupcakes out of clay! Coil, roll and pinch… scratch and attach- then voila!

Summer Studio: Canvas Art


This was a fun, easy project to do with my First, Second, and Third grade Studio. I gave each of the students a canvas of their own to block off areas with the blue painters tape. We talked about how they would be creating geometric shapes on the canvas using the tape. I made sure they thought about how the placement would affect the outcome.  I had to remind them to run their fingers along the edges of the tape to be sure that the edges were sealed- although we still had a few that bled through. Overall they really enjoyed the project and they turned out great. The first layer of paint went on pretty thin, so I had them keep the tape on and the next day they went back a second time to add some more color and visual texture to the paint. Some painted stripes, swirls, stars, dots.

Picasso Guitars

IMG_3244This lesson was a blast to teach and the kids’ work looked amazing. I was able to bring in a real guitar that they broke up into shapes and were able to reproduce and use in their work. They were able to write about Picasso in their art logs using their “art vocabulary” which made the lesson even better. I used books, posters and handouts. I even played some guitar music in the background as they worked.

Grade level/Course: Grade 2-3

Essential Question:  What is Cubism?

Quick lesson on Piet Mondrian


This is a quick 30 minute lesson I put together as a filler for one of the kindergartens that were ahead on their lesson. When they were all put together on the hallway billboard- they looked great!

Essential question: How will you use the lines and shapes to create a balanced composition?

Materials: 12×12  White Paper, Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Black Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors- Pre-cut the black construction paper into 3/4×12″ and 1/2″x12″ strips for the black lines.( this can be modified if more time is allowed using primary colors and black paint.)


Gustav Klimt Project- What inspires you?

I just finished a very fun lesson with my 3rd grade class that I wanted to share. It was inspired by the book Klimt and His Cat.  We all know 3rd graders love animals, mosaics and metallic paper. It was a win!!

The big idea behind this lesson was, “What inspires you?” I shared with the students information about the life of Gustav Klimt and some of his artwork. (*I had to pick carefully as some is not child appropriate) I also showed them examples of the different influences in his art, like Egyptian Art, Byzantine Churches and Mosaics, Nature and Patterns, other Artists, and his beloved cats. Knowing that not everyone is a cat person- I gave the students a chance to commemorate their favorite animal friend in an Art Nouveau style- inspired by Klimt’s patterns and metallics. Some chose cats, some chose dogs… and in the process, they were able to think of their own personal symbols and influences. I was able to share a few spreads from the book Klimt and His Cat to support the lesson.