Classroom Management

Don’t limit Creativity…

PicassoQuote-500Among extrinsic motivations that that may limit or hinder creativity are:
• Prescriptive step-by-step directions
• Strict teacher expectations, such as assigned seating or “no talking”
• Inflexible deadlines
• Rewards, such as “free draw”
• Grades
• Competitive atmosphere
• Peer pressure or interference
• Desire to please teachers or parents
• Limits of scheduled time
• Adequate storage for artwork
• Required exhibitions
Art class cannot function effectively without certain constraints and boundaries. Students understand and appreciate knowing what choices are and are not acceptable in terms of artistic practice, content, and behavior. By reviewing the list of extrinsic motivators, teachers can make decisions about what is non-negotiable and where flexibility is possible. Diane Jaquith, (2011) “When is creativity?” Art Education, 64(1), pp. 14-19.