Art Show

EASD Art Show 2017

Carefully planned art making activities from elementary through high school results in very diverse artwork that is more meaningful, (you don’t end up with 30 mini monet’s), that grows over the years in ability and originality. I am so proud of our students, our art department, and the exemplary artwork coming out of our district. We spent the last 2 days preparing and finally had our opening night. We had a great turnout. Here are a few photos from last night… I am the shortie on the right in the group photo (I must’ve missed the memo on wearing high heels. hee hee!)

We need to regard our students as artists and offer them real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of art. 
This concept supports multiple modes of learning and teaching for the diverse needs of students. This learning environment provides resources and opportunities to construct knowledge and meaning through the process of making art.

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Middle School Art Show

After weeks of hanging artwork and preparation, this past week was the middle school art show. This night of art is usually paired with the vocal ensemble and bands; however, this year that was not to be so. In its place rose the idea of a poetry slam. It was a great night where the students were able to express themselves through their original poetry and visual art. This night was just another example of how important the arts are in our school.

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The Big Art Show

ImageThere is nothing more exciting for the students than seeing their work on display. Today we had the pleasure of participating in the end of semester reception featuring all the student’s wonderful work. It was such a delight for me to meet their parents and listen as the students proudly explained their work. I was pleased that they felt like real artists and owned their work. No two were the same and there were smiles all around.

With this class being over, I will certainly miss our students and hope that they will continue to appreciate and push forward with their own work. It is always an honor to be a part of their creative journey. I am already looking forward to and planning for my next adventure in the art classroom. I am going to go from teaching junior high students back to K through 4th graders. Stay tuned!