The four years I have spent in the middle classroom have taught me that even the best made plans must have room for flexibility. Our students come to class from many different backgrounds, abilities and learning readiness. I make an effort to know my students. I adapt each unit to align with the curriculum while leaning towards their interests and where they are developmentally. Giving them options within each unit also allows for the most success for all. I hope this is evident when you look at their artwork. Each piece tells a story of their individuality and effort.

Emphasizing the discovery and process, rather than just the end result, aids in the formation of creative studio habits that they will use throughout their education and lives.
Not all students will choose professions in art. We need to give them something of value that they can apply beyond the art classroom.

I am a wife, mother and art teacher. I love art. I love reading about it, talking about it, making art and teaching art.  When I come to class excited and passionate about what I am teaching, that joy spreads to the students.  You can read about our art adventures here, in the Mixed Media Classroom.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to post any questions.

~ Mrs. Saunders



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