Month: January 2017

Kandinsky Concentric Circle Weavings

c1g8gjjxcaec5ksOne of my goals this year was to introduce more 3D opportunities for my students. I had never attempted weaving and after lots of online research I decided to give it a go! I tried it out with a few students in 5th and 6th and decided to try it with my 6th graders. I am so glad I did because the kids absolutely loved it! A big plus, this lesson easily allowed for STEAM to be incorporated:

Science: The discovery of concentric circles found in our world.
Technology: The use of technology to enhance and document learning.
Engineering: The construction of physical woven concentric circles that exhibit attempts at architecture and engineering.
Arts: Construction of the woven concentric circles that encourage the student artist’s creative expression.
Math: The exploration of lines, patterns, and the construction of concentric circles that share the same center.

After a brief introduction to the art of Kandinsky, I invited the kiddos to weave their own concentric circles. Chinet plates were used as the “loom” which we made the first day. Having the students number the plates made all of the difference. We worked as a large group stringing the “warp” on- a few of the students needed extra direction with this part but they all managed to do it. Yay! They loved picking the colors and planning out their designs. Have a look at these great results. Always a good day in the art room when they are all engaged and all I need to do is walk around and listen to them chat away to me while they eagerly work.