Month: August 2016

Assessing the Product vs. the Process

Studio HabitsAs an art educator, I am constantly rethinking and reworking the projects that we do throughout the year. This summer I decided to work on some projects but I am taking time to review and rework my rubrics.

In many ways I am required to quantify straightforward objectives that I outline for my students along with the final product. But if I am to encourage my students to think creatively and problem solve, I need to look at how I am accounting for that in the classroom. Hoe can I do this? Can it be done at all?

I have been doing a lot of reading on the studio habits of the artistic mind and have found tons of useful information online. I would love for my rubrics to contain more subjective options where the students can self-assess their creative processes as they go. I’m excited to formally add these habits to our procedure. Below are some printouts that can be downloaded from Art of Ed. Cg5SMIeWMAAkISZ