Month: March 2016

Art Show 2016

IMG_1256Hard to believe that this is my third art show at Ephrata! There is nothing more exciting than to display all the beautiful works the students worked hard to create all year! I feel more proud of their work than my own!

We display their artwork at the local library which is a wonderful opportunity for us to advocate the importance of what we do as art educators. The comments we receive while setting up and tearing down are heartwarming. It is great to be out in the community and meeting with the people who use the library. I especially love when they share their own school art stories, and how impressed they are at the kids’ sophisticated art. I work alongside the elementary and high school teachers because we represent the entire district. We each take an area to “decorate” and middle school is in charge of the main corridor.

The biggest challenge is having enough wall space to display everything, and also how to keep everything attached to the walls (bumpy concrete blocks) with something more than tape. We tried something new this year that I had heard about on an online teacher group and it is life changing! It is deer netting. The best $19 I ever spent. We thumb tacked it to a wooden strip and simply attached all of the artwork with paper clips. I secured the netting to the wall with a dew extra strips of Gorilla tape hidden behind the works of art. Voila! This not only maximized wall space, but also kept the pieces up. Yay! It’s always scary trying something new but I’m so glad we did!! Below is an album of this year’s art show. Enjoy!



Kuna Molas

The textile art of the Kuna Indians was the basis for this collage project with 5th grade. They started their designs with a focal point that was either animal or geometric in design, a border that was either organic or geometric, then added a background. The needed to use at least 3 layers of paper and used colored pencil to create “stitches”