Heraldry Shields

Getting to know my students is something I aim to do from day one. I love it when I find an idea for a lesson that helps me get to know them better and gives them an opportunity to show off some things about themselves.

I adapted this high school lesson on Heraldry for my 8th graders. After learning about the history of heraldry and the symbolism behind coat of arms (some great history stuff), they created their own. They added some extra bling with metallic markers and personal touches. This lesson is definitely a keeper! Took a little longer to complete than I anticipated but they were engaged the whole time. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

They chose a shield outline, divided it up into 4 sections and used imagery to represent themselves. 1- A favorite or important place to them 2- A favorite hobby or activity 3-An animal that represents them 4- Freestyle, could be favorite colors arranged in a pattern or something that is important to them. Some chose traditional symbols, others created contemporary ones. They topped it off with their first or last names, and a motto.


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