Month: September 2015

6th Grade Landscapes

I always start 6th graders with a one point perspective landscape to prepare them for two pint perspective cities later on. This year I decided to introduce a simple birch tree landscape that is inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt. Many people don’t know that later in his life he retired to his lake house and made dozens of landscape paintings in a very impressionist style. I had my students add gold or silver dabs to their final pieces to give them that “Golden Age” look of Klimt’s gold leaf masterpieces. They showed perspective by using a horizon line, foreground, background, vanishing point, and the trees.


Wardrobe essentials…

IMG_0048Don’t judge. Makes me happy to be walkin’ around in these gorgeous little gems I found on Amazon. Represents some classics we should all know… I can give my Frida Kahlo socks a break this year.