Suburban Burn!!!

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend and participate in the local high school’s graffiti contest. The coolest part was that two of my junior high students and my daughter also participated.

Suburban Burn was created as a response to the illegal tagging and vandalism that has been running rampant in our community. The administration and police asked the high school to create a positive outlet. Large makeshift easels were set up in the HHS courtyard at the beginning of the event. At Students and teachers who had each paid $25 to participate picked up their spray paint cans and set to work at 18 giant easels. They painted while live music was performed by one of the HS bands and art students sold their wares. The completed pieces were displayed in the school hallway.

My daughter was ecstatic to have won first place in the “Dream” category, and one of my Jr high kids beat out the high schoolers and won first place in the “Music” category. Proud Mom/ Teacher here. It was a great experience connecting with the community. I hope to create events like this in my future permanent school.


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