The Art Survey

One of the ways art teachers can get to know their students is by having them fill out an art survey the first day of class. Teachers can use the Art Survey as a great pre-assessment tool, and it can be modified depending on the grades of your students. Below is an example of the survey we used in 7 & 8th grades:

The Art Survey questions are:

  1. Describe Art in your own words.
  2. How do you feel about art?
  3. Tell about your most exciting art experience.
  4. Tell me about your most frustrating art experience.
  5. What are your favorite art activities?
  6. Do you feel art is an importand subject? Why or why not?
  7. Who is your favorite artist or style and why?
  8. Name one thing you would like to know more about art.

I not only enjoy reading them and learning more about my new students, But I also enjoy leaving them notes to read so that they know their opinions matter. Knowing how they feel gives me the option of altering or changing my lessons where necessary, it also tells me of any negative experiences they may have had that I could help them get over. I will end this post with one student’s answer to the question #6. I couldn’t agree more.

“I think that art is a very important subject because it not only lets people express themselves but also it could be a way for people not as good at academics in school to show their creativity and ability to others.”


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