Teaching for Artistic Behavior

As I’ve mentioned before, I am finishing up my teaching certification in art. I am currently taking a methods class that has been making me think about how I will teach art when I get the chance to run my own classroom. This week I spent a lot of time reading about teaching artistic behavior. I can’t believe that this way of teaching has been around for over 35 years and I am just now learning about it. If you are interested in teaching this way, I read a wonderful book this week by Diane B. Jaquith and Katherine M. Douglas called Engaging Learners Through Artmaking: Choice Based Art Education in the Classroom. I highly recommend it.

Choice-based art education regards students as artists and offers students real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through art making.

Essential elements:

  • The student is the artist
  • Students control subject matter, materials, approach
  • Student beliefs drive work
  • Students are self-motivated
  • Experimentation and mistakes are honored

Results: personal work and deep learning

To learn more, visit Teaching of Artistic Behavior


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