Individual Symbolic Weavings

For this project, students designed a weaving using materials that describe them as a person. During the first class, we had the opportunity to view the works of artist Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia who was having a show in the gallery. The school also arranged for the students to meet with him for a Q&A. After learning about his creative process and  symbolic meanings in his weavings we moved into the classroom where the students wove materials onto looms that symbolized things that are important to them.

Much like the artist, they started by creating a watercolor using colors that meant something to them. Some were inspired by music, their pets, their favorite colors, what they were feeling at that moment. We let the watercolors dry and sliced them down to 1/4″ strips in the papercutter.

They used the paper along with other materials we provided or items they brought from home. Each weaving became a unique personal statement for each of the students. We were very pleased with the results!

Another alternative to this project is having them only weave the strips of paper they created.
Materials: Mat board for loom, heavy thread, plastic weaving needles, beads, raffia, various strings and papers.

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